▲ZEIT (Guillermo Rauch)

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: After reading the first draft of UNIX I had a *moment*. I realized that the monospaced text in a thin column was just so natural and so easy to read. The code easy to embed, with just adding space. I felt that by adding so many options to text formatting over time we'd actually made it so much harder for people to just get the information they want, in a lot of cases. When building my company, which is tailored for developers, I thought of bringing some ideas from those days, but also incorporate and blend some aesthetic qualities from our modern days. As such, our main product page introduces some animations, other type faces, fade in effects, etc.

Q: Who designed the website?
A: Guillermo Rauch, CEO of ▲ZEIT
Q: Who coded the website?
A: Naoyuki Kanezawa primarily, co-founder of ▲ZEIT
Q: With what kind of editor?
A: VIM of course, true to this style :)