Stefano De Marco

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: To be honest, I never thought to have or to design a brutalist website. I end up with my actual page because while I was updating the website and also my projects, I decided that I wanted to show only with the use of typography and codes who I am and most important what I do. I used some simple codes which they helped me to communicate in a visual language different concepts. I have always been interested in storytelling because I consider it as a form of interactive art where the storyteller can use words to tell a story while someone is listening and most important is using his imagination to figured out the story. Magic! So I thought, what happen when this form of art meets technology and its tools? This is what my website is all about.

Q: Who designed the website?
A: me
Q: Who coded the website?
A: me
Q: With what kind of editor?
A: TextEdit