Ramen Access Memory (Carlos Cuadrado Marcos)

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: I designed and coded the website by myself, using Brackets code editor. For me the site is a kind of playground, I have made a “major update” lately: I changed the typography and added a plastic duck as a cursor pointer. :) so I think it is gonna be in constant evolution, probably I will add some pieces of creative coding I have already coded in P5.js and Three.js… for me it is not like a dead body or a finished thing, it is more related with anything organic and growing. Although the code is pretty simple, I used Brunch io as a module bundler, just to keep all the code tiny, reusable and modular. When I surf the web I am pretty tired about seeing the same page over and over.

I am tired of wordpress, bootstrap and so on, looks like everybody is using the same template, the net it is not anything funny, playful or surprising anymore. I think we, as designers, have a responsibility of keep doing striking things. As Aaron Koblin said, if we are agree that the 21th century culture it is defined by the interface (as it was defined by the cinema in the 20th and the novel in the 19th), why leave the control to a big firm? It is culture, can you imagine Nike writing Hamlet?, if not, why we are letting Twitter make the internet? That is the reason I choose a brutalist aesthetic for my website.