Brutalist redesigns (Pierre Buttin)

Q: What's the process behind the redesigns?
A: I wondered if brutalism could work at scale, and on mobile devices, i.e. in apps used by +1b people. Instagram's new UI paved the way: can this effort be replicated in other categories (e.g. gaming)? Is brutalism a fad or the future of app design? Could it make apps more usable and/or visually pleasing? This project aims to start a conversation about what's coming UI-wise, and how it should be done. Indeed, it seems that brutalism still encompasses a large variety of style, from Swiss minimalism to raw html output. To this end, I tried to explore some of the sub-styles I found on

That said, I used only system fonts and basic web colors. I also sticked to the original UX, so as to respect the industry constraints.