Nouvelle étiquette (Émilie, Francis, Julie, Xavier)

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: We wanted our web portfolio to be a bit more than a simple portfolio showcasing our work. When we started thinking about a redesign of our own website, we decided that it would be nice to propose to the visitor some kind of « unique » and radical experience visiting it. The goal was that the website in itself, besides showing our work, would also show to our potential partners the efficiency of a platform that would question the UI habits of the internet, and that would give an important place to the graphic impact and visual appeal. We designed our website embracing the same philosophy we have working on our clients' projects. We hope that the way we built it allows the visitor to both remember us, our work, and the experience he or she had on it. We truly believe that proposing a « not so obvious », engaging and « ludique » way of surfing the web can excite the curiosity of people, make them want to explore the web place we built for them, and help them remember us. This kind of things needs bold and radical choices, that one could call brutalists choices. That being said, the « portfolio » part of the website stays very accessible and « classic », the whole thing is fully responsive… We wanted the website to find a good equilibrium between the experience that it is purposing, and the message it has to deliver to the visitor.

Q: Who designed the website?
Nouvelle étiquette: Émilie Pompelle, Francis Ramel, Julie Luzoir, Xavier Pompelle
Q: Who coded the website?
Athemium: Olivier Paris
Q: With what kind of editor?