Momcilo Popov

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: As a front-end developer who is closely associated with design and modern technology, it is expected of me, or at least I feel that way, that I need to have a modern website that will in one place show all of my abilities and skills. That sucks. The absence of aesthetics as an aesthetics. I can do a lot more than what you see on the website, and that's what people understand from the first moment. Or do they? I don't know, but I'm getting offers through the website.So - It works.
Q: Who designed the website?
A: I designed it. Although the design is very reduced, that’s actually really hard to achieve. Therefore, the design process was the process of introspection, deciding what I want to present and how.

So, 90% of thinking and 10% of actual design work. This is v.1.0.0 version of the website. But the structure and the way I made it provides me the ability to easily edit and add things that I think are important for me and visitors. Soon I’ll add more content, such as photo galleries and some side-projects I work on.
Q: Who coded the website?
A: Me.
Q: With what kind of editor?
A: I used Github's Atom and an online gif editor.