Copier-Créer (Maylis Agniel)

Q: Why do you have a Brutalist Website?
A: We wanted to highlight the importance of words and their double meaning in my personal work. The navigation of this Website is designed like a spider web, each intersection of the “canvas” is a word (topic or color). Every day when I publish a picture, the navigation is generated once again, so the web “expands”. Therefore the visitor will never browse the same images, and some days, he/she will get lost. This Webdesign is all about creating frustration and exaltation at the same time.

Q: Who designed the website?
A: I did
Q: Who coded the website?
A: My teammate David Authier (back-end + front-end JS) and I (front-end HTML/CSS)
Q: With what kind of editor?
A: Sublime Text for both of us